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_EDGEO-TEX multi-material meniscus-shape panel structure, ergonomically designed.
_CORDURA® waterproof nylon fabric as the main panel, durable and tear-resistant.
_                     hard mesh as the secondary panel, providing breathability and heat dissipation.
_The AeroGlide™ hard mesh storage pockets on both sides, providing ample storage space.
_The backrest features a flip-up active panel with built-in Velcro, allowing the inflatable pillow to be attached and secured inside the panel.
_Reflective rope handle on the top back for enhanced visibility at night.
_Gusseted connection points made of HY.Palon rubber to provide stable support.
_Foldable for easy storage and portability.
_" Lower Planetary Union Utility Standard " logo on the seat surface.
_Aluminum tube laser-engraved warning slogans and logos.

※ Complimentary multi-functional camping chair storage bag included with the product.



/ Sentinel ErgoChair


Sentinel Ergo Chair



$ 00999.99

AeroGlide™: A high-tech fabric developed by EDGEO-TEX (fictional), a cutting-edge fiber research company. This fabric exhibits a subtle sheen with a diffused reflection, offering a firm and smooth texture. Its intricate technical weaving pattern provides exceptional breathability and natural durability.

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